We are hiring!

About us

Goodgoodstudy is a social network community mainly for Chinese immigrant families in the UK.

We focus on primary school home tuition, topics including parenting skill, learning skills, 11+ entrance exam, Math, English, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning, Creative Writing as well as Chinese AFL, music topic and other after school activities.

Some of our members are new immigrants that English is their second language, others had their children born in the UK and have English as their first language.
Goodgoodstudy is a new start-up since September 2016, in the short time since it is beta launched, it has attracted strong interests from families in the UK and China.
Goodgoodstudy is a non-for-profit organisation, and run by parents-volunteers.

Most of our hiring roles are voluntary by nature. Although you won’t be paid, but your good work will be recognised and rewarded in many other ways.

English Language Teachers

We are seeking to hire English teachers with wealth teaching experience in KS1 and KS2 to deliver online and offline group English lessons.

  • Minimum commitment: 3 hours a week.
  • Must has degree in English literature, History or has strong primary school teaching experience in English.
  • Can tailor teaching style to different age group and good in motivating students.
  • Sets, marks and offers feedback on student homework – mainly creative  writing.
  • Has experience in develier group lesson.
  • A bonus in hosting online conference using tools like Skpye, Webbex, but we have trainings and support to help you with first few sessions.
  • Paid Role


We are seeking to hire voluntary editors to looking after overall content production.

  • Passionate about primary education
  • Team player and management skills – including planning, people management.
  • Care to detail
  • Competency in English and Chinese languages, ICT skills
  • Has experience in web publishing and social media promotion
  • Experience in content production
  • Minimum commitment: 3 hours a week
  • Subjects we are looking to hire into: music, children psychology and parenting skills, math, English, Chinese
  • unpaid role.


We are seeking to hire translator-writer on content production.

  • Passionate on primary education
  • Team player and work on own initiatives
  • Care to detail
  • Competency in English and Chinese languages, ICT skills
  • English and Chinese Cultural awareness
  • No minimum commitment, but can work to set deadline
  • Progress to editor roles
  • unpaid role

Software Developers

  • Python, Django, Linux full stack software developers
  • Experience in test driven development and automated test tools
  • Agile, Scrum software development approach
  • Working on own initiatives
  • unpaid role

Project base Volunteering

From time to time we have topic projects needs volunteers donate their time and effort. If you can’t commit a fix amount of time every week, but still want to help, have a look here.