the Hobbit

Book jacket of the Hobbit

The Hobbit

by J. R. R. Tolkien

Reviewed By RL, year 5, Boy, CPS

An amazing fantasy tale.

The Hobbit is a fantasy story like no other ( apart from the Lord of the Rings). Harry Potter’s a lot different and so is Percy Jackson.

Bilbo is a Hobbit. A rather quiet one as well. He likes his food, keeps everything tidy and loves music. But when he is chosen by Gandalf, he and a group of dwarves take a perilous journey to find the fierce dragon Smaug and his treasure. Weapons are acquired, Creature are slayed and a meeting with a goblin is only the start of Bilbo and the teams problems. And what awaits our adventurers on their quest?

I rate it 4.5 stars only because 5 is more precious and this book took me too long to finish.