Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

book - the cursed child

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child – Parts One and Two: The Official Script Book of the Original West End Production (Special Rehearsal Edition) Hardcover – 31 Jul 2016



Reviewed By RL, year 5, Boy, CPS



I was gripped to this book but it isn’t as good as any of the originals.

Albus, son of Harry Potter, and his friend Scorpius ( son of Draco Malfoy) embark on a quest to bring back Cedric Diggory from a needless death with the help of a recovered Time-Turner. I think the fact that JK Rowling has used new characters and not the old three is effective but the old three are now like a joke with Ron practically being a clown.The new villain, Delphi has a more reasonable aim over other evil-minded people.The way the author has given Draco and Harry a kind of friendship enhances the story.


I have one issue though – the sudden changes in the first act. The Cursed Child is a script, not a play. If it was a book, JK Rowling would have dedicated at least half a chapter to each vision. The Cursed Child would be five star – if it was a proper storybook.



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