Around the World in 80 Days


aorund the wor

Around the World in 80 Days

by Jules Verne

Reviewed By RL, year 5, Boy, CPS


Good, but a bit hard to understand.


If I were Phileas Fogg, I would want to travel to America because of the entertainment, food and tech. But this is not the case for him. Fogg has to travel around  the world in 80 days in the 1880s. It’s also on a £20,000 wager and Fogg brings £20,000 of his own for the trip.


With Passepartout, Fogg sets of on his journey with bets being made all over Britain. What will happen to the pair? Will they succeed?  And who will they meet? Find out in this thrilling book!


Note: I read it from the kindle version.


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