Ms Sherrie Palmer



I am a highly qualified, experienced English teacher. For the past thirty five years, I have taught secondary English to pupils in schools in both England and Wales. I have also worked with primary aged children at a school for children with learning difficulties. Alongside that, I have over thirty years experience as a private tutor.

When I began tutoring children outside of school time, such education was really only being offered by qualified teachers. Over the past decade, the demand for extra-curricular lessons has vastly increased.


Unfortunately, many people have seen an opportunity to make a financial killing.  There are increasing numbers of tuition centres being run by people, who are undoubtedly skilled business people, but who have no knowledge of teaching whatsoever.  At present, this industry is entirely unregulated. I hope, at some point, that this will change.


Obviously, I do know how to teach. I have never lost my enthusiasm for improving a child’s English. I continue to hone my skills, and the result is that my pupils are highly successful.


In the past two years, two of my pupils came second and one third in entrance exams which attracted over a thousand candidates. They should do well. They have the benefit of the teaching materials which I have developed over the years, and which I shall begin to publish in 2018. They enjoy their lessons with me because a child knows when they are really learning something – just as they know when they’re being given material which is  wasting their time. This is usually because it is far too easy. It is very easy to burden a child with mountains of homework which offers no educational benefit. Parents, for whom English is a second language, may not be able to discern that it is a valueless experience.


All my work is skills based. I have, for example, a strong understanding of how to teach children advanced comprehension skills. Parents reading this will know how hard it is to find well conceived comprehension papers. I have devised a large amount of material which enables me to pinpoint which types of questions a child may be struggling with.


I also bring an intelligent approach to vocabulary work. There are over a million words in the English language, so when synonyms became a large part of the CEM 11+, I had to devise a strategy to increase my pupils’ chance of encountering words that they had already experienced. It has worked.


The aspect of English teaching that I enjoy the most is creative writing. I know what impresses other English teachers! Therefore, pupils who sit examinations for private schools which require a written essay do exceptionally well. I pass all my tips and tricks onto them. Do they have an advantage over the other candidates? Yes!


I have also taught English at GCSE and A’ level for thirty five years. The youngest pupils I teach are in Year 3. This means that I am one of the very, very few tutors who can see the route all the way from Year 3 to Year 13. I know the skills that will be needed all along this path – and teach them accordingly.


That’s it. To summarise all of the above: I want my pupils to significantly improve their English skills. I know how to make that happen.

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